Products Made in Vermont

Organic Vermont Maple Syrup, Premium Grade B, 64 Ounce made in Vermont

The organization's Vermont Natural Maple Syrup is tapped from wild maple trees on little family cultivates in Vermont. It is ensured Natu...

Hidden Springs Maple
Made in Putney, Vermont
Cracked Pepper Beef & Pork Meat Sticks made in Vermont

Beef & pork raised free of antibiotics or added hormones. 6g protein, 80 calories, 0g carbs, 230mg sodium-per stick. No MSG, no added sod...

Vermont Smoke & Cure
Made in Hinesburg, Vermont
Dorothy made in Vermont



"Dorothy"™ - the centerpiece of our exciting series based on the classic MGM motion picture The Wizard of Oz™ The Kansas farmgirl swept o...

R John Wright
Made in Bennington, Vermont
Jumbo Board made in Vermont

These extra large, edge grain chopping and prep boards are especially well suited to become the workhorse in your kitchen - they are big,...

Vermont Farm Table
Made in Putney, Vermont
The Turtle's Neck, Heavyweight Neck Warmer made in Vermont

Our Original Turtle Fur® "The Turtle's Neck®" double-layer neck warmer is the warmest, softest and most loved cold weather accessory of a...

Turtle Fur
Made in Morrisville, Vermont
Dark Chocolate Truffles (30 piece) made in Vermont

Experience the finest gourmet dark chocolate truffles, created for all you devotees of rich dark chocolate and smooth ganache! This hands...

Lake Champlain Chocolates
Made in Burlington, Vermont
Wooden Play Dagger made in Vermont

The trusted choice for plundering and pillaging! Our Dagger is crafted from high quality birch plywood, highly sanded with gently round...

Maple Landmark
Made in Middlebury, Vermont
Savage Cheese made in Vermont

Savage Cheese


Named for Samuel S. Savage, who settled the von Trapp farm in the 1700's, this Alpine style cheese is a hard-cooked and pressed cheese w...

von Trapp Farmstead
Made in Waitsfield, Vermont