Products Made in Vermont

Spicy Italian Pork Sticks made in Vermont

Real Italian sausage an enjoyable kick of spice. Crafted with lean, humanely-raised pork, fennel seeds, red pepper flakes, and garlic for...

Vermont Smoke & Cure
Made in Hinesburg, Vermont
Homespun Tablecloth, Hand Loomed, 100% Cotton made in Vermont

All pieces hand fringed Completely reversible for long wear No ironing needed Machine Washable

Mount Laurel Mercantile
Made in Dorset, Vermont
Hardwood Artisan Cutting Board, Paddle-Shaped made in Vermont

17-3/4-Inch-by-11-Inch-by-1-Inch cutting board Hardwood; hand-sanded smooth edges; hand-stained Handcrafted and finished in Vermont, U....

J.K. Adams
Made in Dorset, Vermont
Certified Organic Green Gold Herbal Moisturizer 1.9 oz made in Vermont

Smooths and calms maturing skin, advances skin recuperating and sound looking skin and decreases the presence of barely recognizable diff...

Vermont Soap
Made in Middlebury, Vermont
Morgan End Grain Carving Board made in Vermont

End grain carving boards are known for their superior durability, excellent cutting surface and stunning presence in the kitchen Boards ...

J.K. Adams
Made in Dorset, Vermont
Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate made in Vermont

Discover the rich flavors of ancient Mexico! Spiced with fragrant cinnamon, a light kick of cayenne, and a kiss of sweet vanilla. Just ad...

Lake Champlain Chocolates
Made in Burlington, Vermont
Original Vermont Farm Table made in Vermont

This is the original “Vermont Farm Table”, and where it all began for us! We’ve designed a beautifully classic and elegant farm table, th...

Vermont Farm Table
Made in Burlington, Vermont
Mismatched Baby socks made in Vermont

Solve the common dilemma of the missing sock with a wonderfully mismatched spare! Life's too short for matching socks, especially when yo...

Solmate Socks
Made in South Strafford, VT